Our vision

Community Reuse Network Ireland is the all-Ireland representative body for community based reuse, recycling and waste prevention organisations.

Our vision is for an Ireland where the word ‘waste’ doesn’t exist and where our entire community benefits from the social, environmental and economic value of all reusable resources.

We will contribute to delivering our vision by communicating and realising the potential of reuse and recycling, developing a market for reused goods, creating an infrastructure and securing legislative change to ensure greater reuse, and creating a quality brand that promotes ethical processes and products.

Our objectives

Our main aim is to promote community based, sustainable waste management as a practical and effective way of tackling Ireland’s waste problem. This includes:

  • Promotion of reuse, recycling, community development and social inclusion
  • Support for members by providing an effective and coordinated national network to drive sustainable policies and practices, strengthen members’ capacity and grow the sector
  • Education and awareness raising on reuse, recycling, community development and social inclusion
  • Representing the sector at national level in relation to government policy and decision making
  • Promoting research related to material reuse, recycling, community development and social inclusion

Our role

As CRNI is the only community reuse and recycling network operating on the island, it has, along with its members, the potential to play a unique and valuable role in the development of resource efficiency and circular economy initiatives at both local and national levels.

CRNI is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the National Waste Prevention Programme. The network is on the board of the RREUSE network of Europe, and at a local level is involved in the National Waste Prevention Network and EcoTourism Ireland.

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Our partners