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Reuse Month

Rosemary Mac Cabe shows how easy it is to incorporate reuse in your everyday life
Reuse Month 2018

Video created for Reuse Month with the Irish Charity Shops Association

Launch of National Reuse Month 2018. Reuse Everyday, At Home, At Work, At Play

At Rummage, an upcycling and second hand store in Roscommon town.

National Reuse Month is a waste prevention initiative to raise awareness about the economic and environmental benefits of reusing everyday items

Reuse Month 2016

How do I reuse?

JP from The Riptide Movement shares what he does in the band to repair and reuse. A great example of extending the life of existing gear.

Many thanks to the band for being our National Reuse Month ambassadors!​

Gerry from The Riptide Movement shares a beautiful story how neighbours can engage in reuse activities, which helps the world.

Many thanks to the band for being our National Reuse Month ambassadors!​

Clodagh shares a creative way she reuses by avoiding plastic use when going to the shop.

Check out the Learn page for tips on how to reuse At Home.

Ali shares how she reuses and plans to reuse more At Home during Reuse Month.

Check out the Irish Charity Shops Association to find a charity shop near you.

Sharon describes how she used Repair My Stuff directory to fix furniture.

Check out the Repair My Stuff directory for local resources.

About Reuse, Recycling and the Circular Economy

EC explanation of circular economy

Short animation explaining circular economy from the European Commission.

Ellen MacArthur: The Circular Economy Imperative

Dame Ellen MacArthur explains the idea of a circular economy, its benefits and why we must begin to transition towards it.

Story of Stuff

A 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption

About Reuse Organisations

Back2New Upcycling

Back2New works to achieve positive change in the lives of people in West Limerick and build local awareness of sustainability through upcycling.


FreeTrade Ireland is a unique public service allowing you to pass on and pick-up items free of charge.

FoodCloud Hubs

Iseult Ward & Aoibheann O’Brien explain how FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hubs are working together to maximise surplus food redistributed to charities in Ireland.


Take a tour of the ReCreate Storehouse and the story of ReCreate, Irelands Creative Reuse project.

Rediscovery centre

The Rediscovery Centre is a creative space connecting people, ideas and resources.

Rediscovery Centre - ECO EYE

ECOEYE featuring the recycled paint programme at the Rediscovery Centre .


SMILE helps you save money, reduce waste going to landfill and helps develop new business opportunities.


The Baby Market run events around Ireland in which parents can buy and sell pre-loved baby, children and maternity goods.

Reuse Standards & Social Impacts (CRNI videos)


Re-Mark, Ireland’s Re-Use Quality Standard of Excellence was established to address consumer concerns about the quality and safety of reused

Inclusive communities

Created for CRNI, this video video explores the stories of three people working with our members and the impact of this work on their lives, and on the community.

Community Recycling Organisations

Boomerang Enterprises

Boomerang is a Social Enterprise in Cork stripping mattresses so that the materials can be reused or recycled

Bryson Recycling - 25th Anniversary

Bryson started recycling in 1993 and is now the largest social enterprise recycler in the UK. Watch this video to find out more about our journey so far and our vision for the future.

Bryson Recycling

Video for children explaining how to recycle and why it is important.

Bryson Recycling

Watch this video to find out more about Bryson Recycling’s innovative approach to recycling.

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