Delivering a Service Model for Bulky Item Reuse

Project Overview

CRNI would like to design a viable business model that will encourage State agencies (and eventually other private organisations) to donate unwanted bulky items for reuse or community recycling, where reuse is not possible.  The business model(s) would build on the emerging matching services provided by SMILE Exchange, integrating where possible services provided by other exchanges such as PREP and other reuse / recycling organisations.

While interest in reuse is increasing in some areas, such as private companies (as evident from increasing traffic through the SMILE exchange), State involvement in reuse services, in particular in relation to reuse or recycling of bulky items, remains at a low level.

This research project is funded by the EPA under the Green Enterprise programme and will run from July 2018 to April 2019.

Expected Outcomes

This project provides an opportunity for the first time in Ireland to map out a value proposition and viable business model(s) for efficiently engaging with State agencies in diverting unwanted bulky items towards reuse and community recycling.

The opportunities identified in the business model(s) would aim to overcome common barriers facing these services, which may include short turnaround times, costs and any specific service expectations.

If successful, it would represent an important opportunity to stimulate an uptake of reuse activities / opportunities by different State agencies and potentially other private organisations. This would increase the amount of goods passing into the reuse loop, helping to support the sector.

Research Questions:

Research questions include, for example:

  • What sort of unwanted bulky items are we looking at?
  • Who has these items but no longer needs them?
  • What do they do with them when they do not want them?
  • Who might want them for re-use?
  • For what purpose are they wanted, direct re-use, upcycling, charity?
  • How might it be transported from donor to recipient?
  • What if there is a time lag between generation and requirement?
  • Where can items be stored?

Contact Us:

If you are interested in finding out more about this project, or wish to become involved, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Contact Rosemarie MacSweeney, Project Manager, via email: [email protected] or phone 085 853 1730.

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