Our mission

The ICSA’s mission is to provide leadership and support for charity retailing in Ireland.

The Irish Charity Shops Association is an umbrella organisation for charities who operate shops to fundraise for their causes. We are funded exclusively by our 38 charity members, who operate 420 shops nationwide. We support our members in running charity shops across Ireland, the proceeds of which help to fund much needed services in your communities.

Shops can be found across Ireland – see here for further information on your nearest shop https://www.icsa.ie/shops


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See https://www.icsa.ie/shops for individual opening hours.


Textile reuse is the largest re-use activity in Ireland. Charity shops are the main drivers of this re-use activity and have been operating in this space for the past 25 years. We estimate that in total 21,420 tons per year textiles is handled by all of our members of which 10,945 tons are reused through sale in our shops, 6,930 tons sold to textile merchants will be re-used and 3,545 tons is used for industrial wipes, processed as shoddy which is recarded and used to make new textile products or reprocessed by the flocking industry for insulation in cars, roof felt or furniture padding.

Benefits of textile reuse and recycling by ICSA members: https://www.icsa.ie/resources/reduce-reuse-recycle/

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