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Why Reuse?

Reuse is about valuing our stuff, by using and reusing it for as long and as often as possible. This avoids the need to extract raw materials, manufacture and distribute new stuff, and avoids waste thereby cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. 

For more information on the environmental, social and economic benefits of reuse see here.

Lamp made from straws

Reuse Month 2018

National Reuse Month 2018 aims to inspire you and provide you with the skills and tools to reuse more At Home, At Work, and At Play

For example, you might already reuse by getting shoes resoled rather than replacing them, or borrowing books from the library. To cut down on waste and greenhouse gas emissions, we are asking everyone to go further in October and beyond by prioritising repair, buying second hand and upcycled, borrowing, swapping and refilling. 

Here is how you can get involved.

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What do you already reuse as part of your everyday life? What might you do to reuse more in October?

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